Tooth Abscess in 6 Questions

Tooth Abscess in 6 Questions

How does a tooth abscess pass?

In cases where a dental abscess is suspected, a dentist should be examined as soon as possible. The dentist diagnoses the cause of the abscess with clinical and radiological examination. Correct treatment is applied to eliminate the cause.

Alleviation of the symptoms using only medication without any intervention does not mean that the abscess is completely gone and will not recur.

Since a tooth abscess can cause serious or even fatal infections in rare cases, it should be treated by a dentist and, if necessary, by a maxillofacial surgeon.

How many days does a tooth abscess go away?

After the abscess is cleaned, complaints such as swelling and pain on the face will pass within a few days. However, your dentist may want to have an X-ray of your tooth taken within 6 months to check whether the bone tissue has healed in the area affected by the abscess.

How is dental abscess treated?

Only dentists can treat a dental abscess.

In order to prevent the spread of acute infection, first of all, it is controlled with appropriate antibiotics that your dentist will prescribe. If there is an abscess that is close to bursting, it may be necessary to open and drain the abscess and apply a drain. The source of inflammation is completely dried by root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth that is the source of infection. The patient is called for necessary controls.

Which antibiotics should be used for tooth abscess?

Antibiotics should not be used without consulting a dentist. The dentist will assess the condition of the abscess and prescribe the most effective and appropriate antibiotic. Antibiotics used without consulting the dentist will not cure the patient, but will also reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics to be used in the future by creating resistance in the existing bacteria in the body.

How is a tooth abscess treated during pregnancy?

Necessary treatment in pregnant women is carried out at the time interval deemed appropriate by the obstetrician following the patient, and by using the drugs that he or she deems appropriate.

What is a dental abscess eruption?

It is the flow of inflammation in the mouth, on the gums or on the face, where the swelling is most intense. Since this shows that there is a problem in a tooth or teeth adjacent to the area of ​​​​inflammation, a dentist should be examined. It should not be forgotten that the earlier the intervention is made, the more likely the tooth will be saved.


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