What are Natural Teeth Whitening Methods?

What are Natural Teeth Whitening Methods?

There are basically 2 types. Home and office type and their combination is home + office type.

  1. Home type: It is the process of self-applying the whitening process at home.

It is applied in the way and time that the doctor tells. The recurrence time is determined by the physicians. For more whitening, patients should definitely not apply more than the doctor’s recommendation. Otherwise, undesirable side effects will occur in the tooth.

  1. Office type: It is the method applied by the dentist in the examination. Teeth are whitened by activating the whitening setting with laser or light with different wavelengths. Depending on the company of the whitening gel used, the application time varies. It is usually applied in a single or 2 sessions between 40-60 minutes and 1-2 lighter colors are obtained from the patient’s tooth color.
  2. Office and home type: It is the type where both the patient’s bleaching is applied during the examination and the patient’s home bleaching is applied.

How is teeth whitening done?

Home type: Measurement is taken from the patient. A patient-specific plaque is prepared by the technician. Our patient at home squeezes the whitening gel into the plaque and keeps it in his mouth for a certain time. The holding times are entirely related to the brand of the whitening setting used. It is usually kept for 30-60 minutes. It can be applied 2-3 times a week.

Office type: a gingival barrier is created especially to prevent damage to the gingiva. The whitening gel is then sprayed onto the tooth surfaces. It is activated with blue light and laser and waited for a certain time. Usually 40-60 minutes is enough. 2-3 sessions are applied.

Office + Home type: It is the combination of 2 of them. He prepares the plaque, the patient applies it at home and applies it both in the dental office. The specified periods and which type will be applied are the periods to be determined entirely by the physician.


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