What Causes Dry Mouth?

What Causes Dry Mouth?

What are the causes of dry mouth?

Dry mouth with decreased saliva secretion is called xerostomia. It can be seen as a result of some diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Sjögren’s syndrome, AIDS, as well as as a side effect of the drugs used by the patients, after radiotherapy, in cases where the salivary glands are surgically removed or for simpler reasons such as smoking, alcohol and caffeine use.

What are the symptoms of dry mouth?

An increase in caries and periodontal diseases can be seen due to frequent thirst, bad breath, difficulty in speaking and eating, burning sensation in the tongue and inability to clean the mouth by saliva.

What is the prevention and treatment of dry mouth?

First, the cause should be learned and treatment should be applied to eliminate the cause. Rather than any disease, that disease must be brought under control. Teeth should be cleaned better and more attention should be paid to oral care. Smoking, alcohol and sugary foods should be avoided. If necessary, artificial saliva tablets can be purchased from the pharmacy under the control of a doctor. Sugar-free gum can be chewed, mouth watered frequently, fluoride paste and mouthwash can be used, vitamin C can be taken.

In which parts of the mouth are cancers most common and what is its importance?

Oral cancers usually occur on the lip, inside the mouth, behind the larynx, tonsils or salivary glands. It is rarely seen on the palate and cheek. As with all cancers, early diagnosis is very important in order to get positive results from the treatment, to prevent the spread of cancer to other parts of the body, and to prevent facial disfigurement and difficulty in speaking and chewing.


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