What Do Teeth Do?

What Do Teeth Do?

What do teeth do?

We can collect what the teeth do under three headings:

First: They perform the function, namely cutting, shredding and grinding the food. It is important in terms of nutrition, digestion starts from the mouth. For this reason, we dentists first start treatment to ensure the functions of the teeth.

Second: Aesthetics has gained aesthetic importance today. Because people want to have a more beautiful smile, whether in their social life or in their business life. In addition, teeth have an effect on speech and pronunciation. There is also the psychological aspect of course.

Third: Perhaps the most overlooked thing by our patients is the teeth, other tissues in the mouth; It is important for the gums, jawbone and adjacent teeth to stay healthy. In the absence of teeth, changes occur in these tissues over time. Difficulties that complicate the treatment arise, such as the falling of neighboring teeth into the space, or the reduction of the jawbone in the area where the tooth is missing. Implant (screwed tooth) and prosthesis planning becomes difficult in patients who remain edentulous for a long time.

How many groups are the teeth divided into?

Teeth according to their functions (according to the work they do);

  • incisors
  • canine teeth
  • molars

We can divide them into three groups.

What do incisors do? What happens in its deficiency?

It is useful for tearing food. Since the anterior group teeth are missing, we lose a lot in terms of aesthetics. Aesthetics comes first here. Our patients want to have an aesthetic appearance as soon as possible. Then they want to eat by biting the apple. So function is also important. As I mentioned above, teeth are an important factor in maintaining healthy gums and bones. Bone loss can occur in the absence of incisors. Since the lip remains unsupported in the missing area, it may collapse inside. In addition, the incisors are important for speech. The incisors ensure that the words come out of the mouth with the correct pronunciation.

What is the use of canine teeth (canine) and what happens when they are missing?

They are teeth adjacent to the incisors. It helps to break down food. It also guides the jaw movements during chewing and has a protective role during chewing. It is aesthetically important in the design of the smile line. Another name for these teeth in my upper jaw is eye teeth. Because its roots are very long, it got this name. In this regard, they are very strong teeth. In its deficiency, bone loss may be excessive. We also miss out on an important tooth. Your mouth is like the cornerstones. In terms of aesthetics, the loss may be too much.

What do molars do? What happens in its deficiency?

Molars serve to chew and grind food. They have important functions to prepare food for digestion. In its deficiency, our patients cannot fully perform their chewing functions. Avoids using the toothless area to chew food. They chew unilaterally or try to grind food with their incisors. This causes different problems. In order to eliminate these dental and maxillofacial problems and to restore chewing function, the deficiency must be completed.

What are wisdom teeth good for? What happens in its deficiency?

In fact, these are the three molars. They get this name because they date around the age of twenty. Like molars, their job is to chew. People needed these teeth, probably because they ate more naturally in the past. The absence of these teeth does not cause any problems, if their presence causes problems and if these problems (such as pain, abscess) are repeated frequently, then they should be removed.


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