What You Need to Know About Oral Care

What You Need to Know About Oral Care

What should we pay attention to when brushing teeth?

While brushing our teeth, we should brush our lower and upper jaw teeth separately. We must make sure that the brush is in contact with all tooth surfaces. First, we should complete brushing with circular movements and then with a sweeping movement.

Does regular brushing prevent tooth decay?

Of course, it prevents because dental caries are the result of bacterial acids formed on the food residues left on the tooth surface. If we do not allow these accumulations on the surface of our teeth by brushing regularly, we will prevent the formation of tooth decay.

Does regular brushing prevent tartar formation?

Since we eat at least 3 meals a day, if we brush regularly, this accumulation will be prevented and thus the formation of tartar is prevented.

Does regular brushing prevent bad breath?

In general, food residues on tooth surfaces can cause bad breath. It also causes bad breath in tooth decay and gum disease. Regular brushing will prevent bad breath as it prevents tooth decay.

Do whitening toothpastes damage the teeth?

The substances that provide a whitening effect in toothpastes are abrasive substances. If these substances are too large, they cause scratches and abrasions on the tooth enamel surface. Products containing whitening powders should not be used except on the advice of a physician.

Does brushing your teeth hurt your gums?

While brushing teeth, we should hold the brush from the area where it meets the tooth and gingiva towards the chewing surface. In other words, we should only touch the brush to the tooth surface. If we brush the gums hard with the thought of being clean, this causes the gums to open.

Is flossing important for oral care?

Brushing teeth only cleans 3 surfaces of the tooth. These 3 surfaces; the lateral surfaces are the palate surface and the chewing surfaces. However, teeth have 2 more surfaces. These surfaces are the interfaces where the teeth come into contact with each other. Oral care is completed by reaching these surfaces by using dental floss at the points where the brush cannot reach.

What should we pay attention to when choosing oral care products?

Doctor-recommended products should be preferred instead of unknown brands and cosmetic products.


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