Why Do Teeth Ache?

Why Do Teeth Ache?

There are many causes of toothache. Exposure of dentin tissue, which contains nerve endings and small fluid-filled channels under the tooth enamel, causes tooth sensitivity. Consumption of sweet, sour, spicy foods, cold and hot drinks affects the fluid in the dentin canals and increases the pain in the teeth.

Problems that can lead to sensitive teeth;

Brushing teeth with a hard, strong, pressing and hard bristle toothbrush can erode the enamel, expose the dentin tissue and cause sensitivity. Improper brushing can also cause gingival recession, exposing the cementum tissue and causing sensitivity. In such a case; correct brush use should be recommended, and fluoride application should be made after correct brushing is taught, or fillers should be used according to the amount of tissue loss.

In cases where gingivitis is present; Changes in color (red), consistency (soft), contours, surface properties are seen in the gingiva, bleeding occurs. If gingivitis is not treated, the supporting tissues (bone) of the tooth begin to be affected. Sensitivity occurs with the destruction of the fibers and bone around the tooth. In such a case; cleaning should be done and then root surface straightening, which we call curettage, should be done.

With the curettage process, the healing and maturation of the connective tissue is facilitated, and the tight adaptation of the connective tissue to the root surface is ensured. In the advanced stages of gum disease, surgical treatment may be required if there is severe bone loss.

In cases of trauma such as clenching and grinding; The enamel tissue of the teeth can be eroded and cause sensitivity. In such cases, a night record is made. Night plaques prevent tooth wear.

Deep dentin caries in the tooth can cause tooth sensitivity. In such a case, the caries in the tooth should be cleaned and a filling should be made. Fluoride should be applied to prevent dental caries, and fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes should be recommended to the patient. If the caries has progressed, it should be treated

Depending on the foods taken (acid food and drink), the enamel layer may dissolve and sensitivity may occur. Nutrition should be considered.


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Chief Physician Dt. Ayça TENLI KURT