Things to Know About Chin Voices

Things to Know About Chin Voices

Why do we make noise from our chin?

In the human body, there are two joints, right and left, corresponding to the front of the ears in the head region. As a result of any deformation, displacement and malfunction of the joint structures during function, in these joints and their related structures, noise may come from our jaw.

Are the sounds coming from our chin while eating normal?

Under normal conditions, there is no sound from our chin during the function. If there is a sound from our chin, it is absolutely necessary to be examined.

Who should we contact when we notice a noise coming from our jaw?

When noticed, a prosthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, physiotherapist can be examined.

Could the sounds coming from our jaws be a sign of another disease?

Sound can be a harbinger of many different diseases. It can occur both systemic and local, that is, due to a problem specific to the joint area.

Is there a cure for the sounds coming from our jaws?

The vast majority of diseases caused by noises are treatable. A team of prosthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons and physiotherapists treat these patients.


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