Things to Know About Tooth Brushing

Things to Know About Tooth Brushing

Why is tooth brushing necessary?

After eating, it is necessary to brush teeth to remove plaque accumulated on the teeth. If plaque is not removed, it causes gum diseases, cavities and bad breath.

What should be considered when choosing a toothbrush?

Unless your dentist specifically recommends a soft or hard brush, a medium hard brush should be used. The brush size should be small, and the bristles should be dense.

How often should a toothbrush be changed?

Tooth brushing should be changed within 3 months at the latest in terms of hygiene.


What is the most correct tooth brushing technique?

Upper and lower jaws should be brushed separately.

First of all, the front, inner and chewing areas of the teeth should be brushed.

It should be brushed by making a sweeping motion from the gum to the tooth.

The brush should be used with paste without getting wet.

After brushing the teeth, the tongue should be brushed with the tongue surface of the brushes.

Should gums be brushed?

While brushing the teeth, the gingival margin should also be brushed. Other than that, there is no need to brush the gums.

What other dental cleaning tools should we use other than the toothbrush?

We recommend the use of dental floss for cramped teeth, an interface brush of the size recommended by the dentist for gaping teeth, and “superfloss” floss suitable for bridges in patients with bridge prosthesis.


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Chief Physician Dt. Omer KADIOGLU