Children and Tooth Brushing in 6 Items

Children and Tooth Brushing in 6 Items

When should children start brushing their teeth?

With the eruption of the first milk teeth, it is necessary to start taking care of the teeth. The first erupted milk incisors should be wiped by the parents with a clean cheesecloth or gauze to prevent plaque accumulation. From the age of 1 on average, the child should start brushing with toothbrushes without paste, so that the child gets used to the brushing process. One of the most important points to be considered about brushing at a young age is that the brushing process is done by the parents and brushing is not left to the child. Otherwise, cavities may begin, especially in the back teeth, which children cannot reach while brushing.

How to develop the habit of brushing teeth?

Parents, who give importance to the cleaning of their children’s teeth from infancy, ensure that the child is conscious of the importance of teeth. Therefore, the most influential individuals in the habit of brushing teeth are parents. Brushing teeth with the child’s parents is important in gaining the habit of brushing at a young age. At later ages, with the explanation of the importance of teeth and tooth brushing, children gain the habit of brushing teeth.

What should be considered in the toothpaste to be chosen for children?

Since the spit reflex is not fully developed, children’s toothpastes that do not contain fluorine are recommended for children under the age of 3 years. There is no harm in using fluorine-containing children’s toothpaste when we are sure that the child is spitting up from the age of 3 and not swallowing the paste.

What should be considered when choosing a toothbrush for children?

We can choose brushes with short handles and soft bristles that children can hold comfortably.


How many times a day should children brush their teeth?

The ideal is to brush 3 times a day and after meals, but at least after breakfast in the morning and before sleep, teeth should be brushed.

How should children brush their teeth?

It should be brushed from the gum to the tooth with soft movements for 2-3 minutes. In addition, it should be brushed in front of the mirror and be sure to clean the teeth without skipping. Care should be taken to brush the teeth in the back area, where it is difficult for children to reach, and if necessary, parents should brush the back areas again.

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