Get a Natural Smile with Digital Teeth Design

Get a Natural Smile with Digital Teeth Design


While the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health, it also mentions psychological health as well as physical health and promotes the healthy individual as a whole. In this context, the appearance and aesthetics of their teeth are very important as they will increase their self-confidence so that people can smile more easily and communicate easily in their social lives. If the person cannot smile easily because he is not satisfied with dental aesthetics, and feels the need to close his mouth even while talking, all these reasons are enough for him to go to the dentist and have a smile design done. Smile design specially planned for the person; It is determined according to some references such as facial features, tooth color, hair color. In this way, the person will have a smile that is completely unique to himself.


The smile design is prepared by taking into account the criteria such as the person’s facial features, character structure and expectations. First, photographs and videos of the person are taken from 20 different angles and digital measurements are taken from the teeth. Then, all these analyzes are evaluated with the help of a special program on the computer and the most suitable design for the person is created. In a short time, the same model shown to the patient is applied. In short, the person can see what kind of work will be after the treatment, even before the treatment starts. When the person compares his/her own photo with his/her smile design photo in digital environment, he/she makes a correct and definite decision.


Digital dental designs can be used in all treatments in general dentistry such as inlay-onlay filling, anterior smile design, laminate applications, bridge or implant. One of the most important advantages of digital tooth design is that it saves time. It provides an important advantage especially for people who want to come from outside the city or abroad. digital design; It has reduced the conditions such as the check-ups that need to come 2-3 times and the waiting period of 10 days to almost one day. In addition, the nausea problems that can be experienced in classical measurement methods are also eliminated.


Smile design should be considered as a whole. For example; If the person has missing teeth, implant, if there is a problem in the gums, a combined treatment should be done by shaping the gums. Of course, if there are situations that affect health, not only aesthetics, it should also be intervened. The rapid delivery of all these combined treatments with the digital infrastructure also saves time, making it interesting for foreign patients. Many patients from countries with mostly Turkish population such as Germany, France, Netherlands, China, Russia, America, Australia and recently Middle East Arab countries prefer our country in this regard.


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Chief Physician Dt. Yigit Emrah KURT