Negligent and Unhealthy Teeth Cause of Disease

Negligent and Unhealthy Teeth Cause of Disease

As a society, for some reason, we do not like to go to the dentist unless we have to. However, experts state that we should get into the habit of going to the dentist not only for the health of our teeth, but also for our body health.

It is clear that those who go to the dentist only when they have a severe toothache do not know what this neglect will lead to. Untreated tooth and gingivitis, dental caries cause various ailments in various parts of the body.

How do unhealthy teeth affect the body?

There is an interesting link between gum disease and diabetes. Gingivitis raises blood sugar, and increased blood sugar causes an increase in gingivitis. Dental health is very important in diabetic patients. In order to keep diabetes under control, first of all, the person needs to control the health of the gums.

Dental problems also cause indigestion. People who cannot chew the food thoroughly prefer soft foods because they cannot break the food and suffer from indigestion because they eat fast food.

The risk of infection is too high

Bacteria that cause chronic dental infection cause the production of certain antibodies, causing nephritis in the kidneys. It also affects cardiovascular diseases.

Tooth inflammation causes inflammation of the heart valves and clogging of the vessels that feed the heart. In addition to these, some ear – nose – throat diseases also occur with the effect of tooth and gum problems.


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Chief Physician Dt. Zekeriya Alp YILDIRAN