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Latest Technology, New Trends

We always take the dental treatment seriously and make efforts to take a step further using the latest technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment works effectively and precisely to take the dental experience to a whole new level. From X-rays to hand equipment and from lasers to chairs, the equipment contributes to the overall enjoyment of the dental spa. We deploy the latest technology and follow new trends because we want to provide the best and happiest dental experience possible in line with our motto that, “All we do is teeth.” Further, in order to provide the best treatment possible, all these treatments are performed and/or followed by our chief of medicine.



A first in Turkey

Hospitadent offers the dental spa service for the first time in Turkey. The service binds together the dental service and spa-like atmosphere to offer you a notable experience. The service for your oral health promises you the experience unlike any other. Hospitadent is able to offer this service thanks to our deep and continuous interaction with our customers. We feel proud to have the chance to serve more than two million patients across the world. We continue to have this interaction because we have a well-organized international department that provides service in eleven languages. Additionally, our call center and customer satisfaction department are ready to respond to your inquiries and feedback. Besides this, international organizations also approve our quality. TEMOS International Healthcare Accreditation monitors and accredits the level of service we provide.

Hospitadent understands that dental treatment can be a challenging experience for many people and believes that everyone deserves an improved self-image and an aesthetic smile without troubling themselves with the dental phobia.

That’s why Hospitadent introduces a new approach to what an oral treatment is: The Dental Spa - a unique service that aims to combine a personalized dental care in a stress-free and comfortable environment. We provide this unmatched experience as we believe that a dentist chair is a place that should be as relaxing as possible.

The Dental Spa also includes the most advanced technologies and techniques available. Thanks to the modern dental equipment and the dedicated medical team, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of dental care including tooth and gum treatment.

Essentially, this comprehensive package includes

  • VIP Transfer
  • A special concierge service
  • Forest ambiance, relaxing water-screen and massage, and uplifting odors
  • 3D Experience
  • Overcoming dental phobia
  • VIP service for you and your oral health
  • Relaxing Environment

This service offers a complete package which includes all arrangements regarding your arrival to Turkey and treatment.

With VIP transfer, Hospitadent provides a very individual form of traveling from the airport to hotels. To help relieve travel exhaustion, we pick you up from your hotel and escort you to the clinic via VIP transfer to help you avoid the traffic stress in the city.

From the moment you enter our clinic, you are surrounded by special relaxing and uplifting aromas and a dedicated medical staff who will make sure that you feel comfortable and well informed.

We adorned our dental spa suite with water-screen, bamboos and forest ambiance to make your experience the happiest and the best and to help you relax for your consultation.

A Dedicated Staff

For better relaxation, you will have aromatized oxygen from the oxygen bar. The massage chair as well as the music designed for your taste, is ready to make you feel even more comfortable and peaceful. The spa-like setting is designed to take you to another world.

And if these amenities are not enough, you have a dedicated staff to take care of your needs during your stay in the clinic. Whatever you wish will be quickly and carefully provided by staff members.

All these will help you to be prepared for your consultation. You will continue to enjoy this exclusive treatment at the dentist chair. For example, you can continue to enjoy music while a dentist performs a treatment.

When you feel ready, our special and experienced dentists will check your oral health and offer you treatment if necessary.

3D Experience

While the treatment is prepared for you, you can continue to enjoy the advantages of a dental spa-such as having a beverage or reading a magazine. During all these processes, you can enjoy virtual reality experience with 3D simulators. We provide a 360 VR so that you can have a different experience while waiting for your treatment.

Overcoming Dental Phobia

Hospitadent offers this service because, at Hospitadent, we are committed to provide you the happiest dental experience in which dental phobia is a memory of the past.

We see that the dentist appointment can be a difficult prospect for many patients. However, routine oral care is the key to your health and well-being because many bacteria will find a fertile ground in your mouth if you don’t take care. Also, many people judge another person by their appearance in which mouth and teeth play a key role.

While the Dental Spa is designed to provide you with the exclusive dental experience, the unique environment will also help dentists and other medical staff. If a patient is relaxed, dentists and other medical staff find it easier to work and help the person.

We assure that you will look forward to having a dentist appointment.

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